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Our purpose is to unlock integrated leadership for a balanced and healthier world by cultivating the leaders we need now.

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Developing a new blueprint for leadership, supported by an ecosystem of partners.

At the Unlocking Eve Foundation, we are driving a new model of Integrated Leadership™ for a balanced and healthier world. Shifting established norms, creating positive change across society, and empowering a wave of diverse leaders for the future.

At the root of this urgent need for new leadership is a polycrisis that threatens our environment, health and social justice. Nowhere is the need for this integrated approach to leadership more evident than in securing the health of the world’s citizens.

Everything we do is driven by data, informed by real-world experience and powered by human connections.

Data from the pandemic shows that countries with the best outcomes have leaders with an integrated approach. Our founders saw the incredible benefits this could have towards a healthier world, and so at Davos 2022, Unlocking Eve was born.

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Our ecosystem puts our pioneering vision and new approach to leadership into practice.

With a radical shift away from traditional norms, we act as a powerful node at the centre of a rich, dynamic ecosystem of partners. We work to craft and nurture this network of connections, unlocking collective brilliance and extraordinary outcomes.

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By 2030 we aim to empower

100 million integrated leaders

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Advance Integrated Leadership™ as the new profile of leadership excellence that will be used to develop and select leaders, whilst redefining leadership in healthcare and other sectors.
Accelerate the advancement of women into leadership and decision-making roles in healthcare by 50%

Unlocking Eve sparked critical conversations at WEF 2024 in Davos, examining pressing issues and unveiling new research focused on Integrated Leadership™. Learn more in our article published in the WEF Forum.

Strategic and purposeful partnerships

Unlocking integrated leadership is all about amplifying partnerships through conversations and cooperation. We are honoured to have the support of these individuals and organisations who support and further our passion and purpose.

It was a privilege participating in this enlightening and provocative learning opportunity. The content was rich and the working sessions were ideal for self and inter-personal understanding.

Brett Kim
Developer and Equipper of Others/ Executive Coach/ Transformational Operational Leader

I’m honoured to have been a part of the conversation with healthcare and biopharmaceutical industry leaders at MIT. What I learned about myself and the impact leaders have on each other will significantly improve patient outcome for all!

Rose Wang
Entrepeneur, Start-up Mentor, Scale-up Advisor, Investor, Cancer Patient Advocate

Unlocking Eve is capturing the attention of influential forums like the World Economic Forum where they recently presented. I can say first-hand that the time we spent together in Toronto was as thought provoking and unique as any leadership work I have done.

Alex Johnston
Chief Executive Officer at 360 Concussion Care Inc.