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World Economic Forum 2024

The Unlocking Eve Foundation returned to Davos in partnership with InTent to launch new data on the role of integrated leadership as the key to rebuilding trust.

This year’s WEF theme was the perfect backdrop against which to examine the broken models that have contributed to the polycrisis facing the world. Instead of despairing, Unlocking Eve’s co-founders Eva McLellan and Kaye Vitug, offer hope and a way forward.

Unlocking Eve aims to equip leaders with insights and tools to unlock their personal effectiveness, amplify the effectiveness of others, and create healthier organizations for a healthier world. In our article, published on the WEF Forum Agenda, we look at how integrated leadership has a profound influence on whether organizations and societies sink or swim during challenging times.

Yes, our leaders are falling short.
An 'integrated leadership' model can help.

WEF Forum Agenda article

Unlocking Eve sparked critical conversations at the SDG Tent, examining pressing issues and unveiling new research focused on advancing a new profile of leadership excellence as an antidote to the complex, overlapping challenges that are defying outdated approaches to leading.

Highlights from the Unlocking Eve-Harris Poll collaboration

Traditional leadership models are falling short in the face of a global polycrisis, disappointing people, businesses, and the planet, with global consumers expressing concern about the future.

And yet, it's not that simple. We’re failing our leaders too. There's a collective sense that leadership practices haven't kept pace with today’s challenges, leaving leaders without the tools to be sustainably effective. The new generation expects far different things from those at the helm. 

This is good news. Despite the disappointment, there is an expectation of and a belief in leaders’ ability to do better, that transforming leadership practices will be the great societal unlock. In fact, 84% of those polled believe that everyone has the potential to be better leaders if encouraged to access their full capacity. This is key to creating healthier workplaces and communities.


Are unable to imagine the world in 2035


Find it scary to imagine the world in 2035


Are largely disappointed by leaders in society


Believe that a new approach to leadership is crucial for our future

The response to and enthusiasm for this new data serves a reinforcement of Unlocking Eve’s unwavering commitment to and belief in that leaders face a pivotal moment and call to action. They stand ready to continue to help reshape the narrative. These next steps are planned for the year ahead. You can join the conversation and contribute to our shared progress.

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