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Our muli-tiered strategy is informed by more than two decades of experience as healthcare leaders, and united by a shared purpose.

Unlocking Eve Integrated Leadership Model

The Integrated Leadership™ model stems from valuable insights gleaned from extensive dialogues with global leaders, immersive workshops, and years of hand-on experience in the healthcare sector.

It is strategically designed to accelerate the needed evolution of leadership paradigms, offering a comprehensive framework that articulates the capacities required to navigate the challenges of leadership in the modern era.

Our groundbreaking method is a deeply experiential journey.

The Unlocking EveIntegrated Leadership Practice™ is a sought-after, cutting-edge approach fit for today’s complexities. We blend state-of-the-art tools, innovative techniques and the latest developments in psychology (including “narrative identity”), all delivered in partnership with expert faculty.  It is intricately woven into your daily life and work, and sustained by a hybrid integrated leadership learning journey and community.

Our multi-tiered strategy is informed by experience and a shared purpose

Building the Case

Discovering and publishing game-changing insights on integrated leadership, business, and health outcomes. Building a powerful body of contemporary, empirical evidence from original research and global pilot programs.

Driving Engagement

Shaping a new conversation to shift entrenched leadership norms, through prominent media and partnerships, as well as ambassadors at high-impact global forums.

Transforming Leaders and Systems

Scaling up access to a validated tools system and pioneering interventions for all people and contexts. Made possible through effective use of outreach partnerships and technology platforms.

Become part of our systems leadership revolution as Unlocking Eve™ goes from strength-to-strength. We’re looking for pioneers in system leadership to further our research and development. You could play a part in bringing transformative Integrated Leadership™ to the world, by staging a program pilot within your system.

Strong partnerships

In the midst of complex crises the world needs a new leadership paradigm. Great leadership requires great partnership.