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World Economic Forum 2022

Our Initial Ethos

Healthcare needs women leaders more than ever. The pandemic reaffirmed the effectiveness of women leaders – now the opportunity is to unlock the energy and impact of more women to transform health and heal the world. This is the mission of Unlocking Eve, a country-led movement by women for all leaders in healthcare with a mission of increasing well-being, strengthening their leadership, magnifying their influence, and paving the way to bring others with them to transform healthcare and heal the world.

Launching Unlocking Eve

Unlocking Eve officially launched at the 2022 World Economic Forum where all participants were invited to co-create an inaugural art piece to spark the Unlocking Eve movement. Watch the creativity unfold below.

Panel Discussion: Unlocking Leadership in Healthcare and Healing the World

With a few years left to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #3 and #5, the Unlocking Eve panel brought together leaders in politics and industry to explore why some countries have been able to achieve more representative systems, why others still lag behind, and what this means for the way healthcare systems are designed and healthcare solutions are delivered. As we move into an era of multiplying existential threats, we have an opportunity to embrace a shift towards new values, behaviors, and leadership. Embracing this shift that could help us to draw up a roadmap that will lead to the creation of a new system that supports plurality of perspective, drives new discussions, includes new decision-makers at the table, and delivers better health outcomes for all.

How do we capitalize on the leadership lessons of women during the pandemic? What are the barriers we still need to overcome to ensure those who are the beneficiaries are also the architects of our healthcare systems? What are the accelerators we need to focus on for advancement of SDGs? What are the new models of leadership we need to embrace and further support? Watch the panel discussion below to find out.

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