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United Kingdom 2022

To mark the start of our Unlocking Eve Integrated Leadership Pilot Experience we visited London British Museum to get inspired on the start of our journey with the exhibit: Feminine Power - the divine to demonic.

From wisdom, passion and desire, to war, justice and mercy, the exhibition sought to show the diverse expression of female spiritual powers around the world and prompted us to reflect on how we perceive femininity and gender identity today.

Our 2022 UK cohort marks the first pilot, and was joined by thought leaders and pioneering thinkers of system change and leadership from business, academia, and private practice.

We are grateful for our volunteers and the initial guidance of the cohort of pioneers. Special thanks goes out to Deborah Rowland - the author of Still Moving, Aithan Aithan Shapira (MFA PhD) - an established artist and internationally acclaimed Lecturer at MIT Sloan that helped us define the work, and Nicky Myny - artist and life coach who infused artistic soul into Unlocking Eve’s initial concepts and work.

A special thank you to Tapestry co-founders, Maren and Rosy for holding the space as this project came to life

At Unlocking Eve, we believe in the power of new beginnings and the magic that unfolds when creativity meets support and community. Whether they joined for inspiration, information, or with vision for future collaboration, we extend our deepest gratitude to the inaugural pilot cohort. Their unwavering support during our initial concept phase was instrumental in unlocking the full potential of our work.